Saturday, March 23, 2019

Six Steps to Research.....

This is a really great resource as you begin doing your research.  It is only a little more than 4-minutes long, but gets right to the point.  I really like the example of baseball as the research topic.  Great topic, but far too big.  If your research is going to be about baseball, research is all about asking the question to yourself, "What specifically about baseball do I want to know?"  This starts focusing your thoughts on what you need to explore.  Remember, research can be nebulous, and daunting, but the more focused you can make it the better you will be - and the more it will make sense.  Take a look.

Step 1           Explore
Step 2           Identify
Step 3           Gather
Step 4           Create
Step 5           Share
Step 6           Reflect

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